Steel Works

The company SONS K.B.NIKOLOGIANNI SA was founded in 1996 and is active in steel production and photovoltaic systems. The company is growing steadily since its founding, investing in quality and new technologies..

At the company’s mills are produced:

  • Construction Pipes

SONS K.B.NIKOLOGIANNI SA produces a full range of steel pipes, hot dip galvanized in accordance with standard EN 10240, for industrial, construction and general purposes. The company has invested heavily in the establishment of modern production lines and the continuous upgrading of its equipment.

  • Liquid-Natural Gas Pipes KB TUBO

The steel pipes KB TUBO (EN 10025) addresses the needs of all thermo-hydraulic networks (water, heating, firefighting, air conditioning) and natural gas networks. They are galvanized steel pipes, consistent with the standard EN 10240, welded and threaded.

  • Mounting Structure for Photovoltaic Systems

The mounting structure KB TUBO meets the highest demands in terms of technology, aesthetic appearance and quality. It is made of hot galvanized steel and is ideal for use in every type of soil (composition, slope), as well as easily adapted to the needs of each installation. The KB TUBO mounting structure for photovoltaics is patented.

The company's products are certified by EN ISO 9001:2008 by TUV Austria.