Agricultural Technology Applications

KBagro Agricultural Technology Applications

Our company with its range of manufactured products applies first in Greece new, innovative technological solutions and offers reliability in every type of products.

We produce pipes, hollow sections and oval tubes with high strength material specifications with the KB TUBO trademark.

Our company produces KB agro greenhouses in our industrial production line.

Armed with our own comprehensive and specialized group, we are involved in each stage of the project, from design to construction and ensure the most economical and ontime implementation of the project.

All attachments and connecting parts of the structure, the gutters and the mounting of the plastic (steel, aluminum and PVC KBclips) are manufactured in our own production lines, fully tested as for their final quality.

Last years, our company has produced greenhouses tubes for more than 5000 acres in Greece.

Our company offers housing and protection solutions, ideal for storage space applications for agricultural and livestock products, storage at industrial sites, showrooms, stalling facilities, car parking, residential warehouses and many other applications.

In collaboration with KB ENERGY ltd we manufacture, install and manage power plants of photovoltaic systems and biomass.


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